Opemipo Aikomo

👋🏾 - Hi.

My name is Ope and I’m from Lagos, Nigeria. I’m a self-taught, multi-disciplinary designer. I make software, films, games and mixed experiences.

I picked up graphic design in 2008 and worked freelance for the first couple of years. Over time I added web design, ux design, engineering, product management, branding and marketing.

I've worked at Paystack since 2015 and designed/built what are now daily utilities for millions of people on the continent. I lead the design org and try to keep everyone on the team happy, productive and fulfilled.

I also run a not-for-profit production studio called Helterskelter. We consult for indie creator friends and make passion projects as wuruwuru. So far we've produced a comic, two animated shorts and a physical board game. Now we're working on a magazine.

I like to write. I’ve kept a blog since 2011 and publish consistently about my work and life. I also used to be active on Twitter. Because of this, some people know me as fathermerry.

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