Opemipo Aikomo


I lead design at Paystack. Our mission is to build economic infrastructure on the internet for African businesses.

I built the first version of Checkout in 2015 and joined Shola and Ezra in San Francisco for YC the following year.

I've worked as a UX designer, frontend engineer, web designer and team lead, occassionally moonlighting as a product or engineering manager.

Now I'm Design Director. I oversee collaboration, processes, systems and quality on the 10-person design team.

Paystack is by far one of the best experiences of my life. The company values are a model for my personal life, the people are kind but critical, the work is meaningful and I'm constantly learning.

In 2020, the company was acquired by Stripe.

I'm writing a series of essays about my experience until the exit.


Delivery Science

In early 2014, I joined Lanre Oyedotun at Chronos as a web designer.

Months later, he teamed up with Chuka Ofili and Ezra Olubi to build a logistics software company called Delivery Science.

At DS, we were encouraged to learn everything. Version control. Backend Development. Microservices. Monitoring. Everything.

We were often working on multiple projects at a time and there was always room to pick up something new. This was very formative for me, and I got a well-rounded education in software development.

Ezra and I left DS for Paystack at the end of 2015. Other friends - Seike Ibojo, Loknan Nanyaks and Shope Johnson - also joined later.

The company was later renamed to Field Insight.



In 2014, Timi Ajiboye and I started working together as Helloworld. We made digital products for clients and small experiments of our own.

Helloworld was also a collective. On larger projects, we enlisted friends like Onyekachi Mbaike, Lolu Bodunwa, Segun Famisa and Efe Money.

Timi now runs a handful of startups while I work at Paystack. We no longer take contracts, but we still build side projects together.



In 2013, I started a database of Nigerian designers called Curation. It didn't go far, but in the process I founded Devcenter with Akin Falomo, Seun Awoyele and Kolawole Balogun.

At first, Devcenter was a site for sharing side projects. Slowly, it evolved into a community. I worked on it for two years until Paystack.

Under Akin's direction, Devcenter is now a community of 12,000+ software developers, creatives and technology professionals.



In my first year of uni, I picked up graphic design, and for the next four years, I worked as a freelance designer making posters, pamphlets and other communication items for student organisations.

During a 2012/2013 internship, I started learning web design. My first job was a consulting gig with Mamuzo Emielu (Webxpress) making landing pages for businesses. It lasted a few months.

By late 2013, I got my first salary job with Dika Oha. My role at Cart NG was to design and customise Wordpress themes. I learnt a lot about commerce and content management systems.

I also interned for a few months with Chris Ogunlowo at Kwirkly where I learnt about communication design, advertising and copywriting.