Opemipo Aikomo


  • Sex Male
  • Born July 5, 1992
  • Nationality Nigerian

Profiles are hard because personalities are fragmented. I consider myself a collage of my Nigerian upbringing, Internet life and travel experiences, so it's hard to cut a slice that defines me satisfactorily.

But the essence of a profile is maybe not to exhaustively describe a person, but to tell a simple story that sets an expectation for the reader.

I like design, storytelling, craft, history, archives, psychology, economics, art, the web and technology. I'm fascinated by life, people and the process of doing things with great detail.

I tend to take things seriously, although I don't think anything is that serious. It's just... there's pleasure for me in doing things with intention.

I'm curious about a lot and I'm usually learning multiple things at a time. I suck at a lot of them, but sometimes it's the process, right?

I like to dance and I play tennis and football casually. I enjoy newness; places, things and people. I like to write, very much.

I'm trying to be as many things as I can.